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16th-Apr-2006 06:57 pm - Easter
well im going to moan again. That's all i do lately. Im so sick of things at the moment, nothing good every happens. Also im not feeling like myself lately. Sometimes i wish i could move. Im thinking about doing Camp America next year, the adminstration part anyway.

I still haven't learnt the layoutof LJ, i need a really good tutorial, so if anyone knows of one let me know.

Easter, im not religious, so in away it doesn't really have that much of a meaning to me but a lot of ppl are, thats up to them. I did get a easter egg of my nan and grandad lol. I know im too old, i did eat it lol.

Anyway im off to learn LJ lol
5th-Apr-2006 11:38 pm - Needs sorting
Deciding i need to sort my livejournal out, its kinda of a mess at the moment
5th-Apr-2006 11:22 pm(no subject)
Well it's been a long time since i have updated. Things have change, some for the better some for the worst.

I got "Be Your Own Pet" Album, so far im enjoying it

I must pay for my account again. Do that on thursday probably

Anyway ill update more on thursday
16th-Sep-2005 03:35 pm - hate the world
Well i aint been to much at all lately, its been so boring. Yesterday i was really in a foul mood, for all different reasons which i will list:

* Can't go on saturday night
* Lip was hurting ( My new piercing)
* Sick of being single
* Was so tired

All of the of the above are the reason. Don't get me all my saturdays i having being doing some think, like last saturday i went to a house party but its in the week, plus i want to go the kray because i haven't been for about 4 weeks i think.

Anyway they let me get my lip piercing done, as long as i take it out and put the retainer in when possible. The only thing at the moment is that they had to make it longer in case my lip swelled, which it didn't slightly. The only problem is you then are able to get in shorter down but i haven't got the time because the place is in Liverpool, so i haven't be able to get over there. So its been moving about in my mouth. Lucky enough on saturday im going to get in shorted with my mate.
2nd-Sep-2005 11:41 am - Yay
I found away i can have my lip pierced, so work won't moan. Someone said why don't you try and labret. They would be great the only thing im worried about is would it be ok to take the piercing out straight away after ive had it done. If only one knows let me know lol.
31st-Aug-2005 01:18 pm - My Guitar
Well the guitar i got off my grandad wasn't any good really. It was cheaper to buy a new then get that one fix. So i got one for £25 (it was 35 but it has little chip in it so they knock the price down lol). I had a tidy go last night but its my first time, so its quite hard. I was just learning the chords. Im going to get lessons to help me, just to get me started.

Doesn't look hopeful that i will be going the k alnighter :starts crying: i haven't been for 2 weeks. I had a chance to go last week but i couldn't leave my mate to walk back to the pub on her own. So i stayed with her.

Im kinda sick of being single, can't i find a guy that would suit me who is my type and who isn't a complete utter idiot.
29th-Aug-2005 01:41 pm - Beatles Festival
Beatles Festival today, so im going over with my family because most people i know are working, who i am meeting up with later in the night (don't know what time thou lol).

I can't werid coloured tights form topshop (which i have on now) they are mad but i like them. Also managed to get black nail polish, it isn't the best on but it will do for now lol.

I still want my lip piercing, bloody work, if i didn't work in a office i probably could. Life aint fair sometimes.

I found Heaven & Hell the othe rnight when i was walking home from Liverpool. Two people i know have said about it before, it looks my kinda place but it getting people to go lol. Also that night i came home sober which has to be a first for a while lol.
26th-Aug-2005 01:07 pm - I want, I want
Yay my vans slip-on came today. I was kinda dreading it because after today i would not have been able to get them till tuesday because i got them to send to my workplace and plus its bank holiday on monday (Beatles Festival).

I so wanted to go to the Leeds Festival, its not fair. Ok ive been to one festival this year the Isle of Wight but Leeds/Reading is meant to be the best one. Someone asked me if i wanted to yetersday, which means i would of gone today but i couldn't because of work :pulls face: and ive already arrange to to go out with someone on saturday nite, so i couldn't let them down. We where thinking about going on the sunday but it kinda fell through. I suppose theres always next year. Just wish i was there now lol.

I can't decide what cd to get, choices can be bad sometimes lol.

Chelsea in are group, i could see that totally coming. Everton getting knock, knew it would be Liverpol's fault someone how lol.
24th-Aug-2005 03:22 pm - color of my personality
gURL.comI took the "The Color Personality" quiz on gURL.com
My personality is...

You're a cool and collected blue... According to color psychology, you're the very picture of serenity. You're probably great at keeping calm and clear-headed when others are freaking out... Read more...

What color is your personality?

24th-Aug-2005 03:06 pm - Singing in the rain
Lol someone i talk to on the net gave me that idea for a title lol.

Im not going to start moaning how crap life is at the moment again, no point it doesn't get you any where. Ill just keep on going and see how things turn out. I still want to move though, don't get me wrong i would miss people but i just want experience it. My cousin did it, well Au Pairing. Alright see had to work and she might not do it again. Still she has had the experience of living in America for a bit on her own. Ill see what happens.

It isn't looking good for my Foo Fighters tickets, i would go on the train but if the concert is late i could miss my train. Then be stuck in Manchester till 5am and then have to go to work. A coach is so much easier.

Well Liverpool where rubbish last night. Morientos didn't look the least bit insterested. If any think it tells us that we need a striker, actually it tells us that we need Michael Owen back. I have never slag Michael Owen and never will. He is the best professional footballer you could ask for. Maybe if he does come back some Liverpool fans will appreciate him a bit more.
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